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>> they wrote the book and produced the film. they attempted to pick up on the things producing anxieties in society like genocide or nuclear proliferation or terrorism or drugs. >> bond villain seemed to have one thing in common, causing mayhem. >> that's what a lot of them were about. manipulating the world. >> yes. trying to cause the super powers to clash. >> in the latest blockbuster sky fall, the villain's weapon, the computer used in the cyber attack against british intelligence. >> you recall in sky fall that the villain, what he has, he has the names of all the agents around the world and the pseudohim ins they are using and the people. >> everybody needs a hobby. >> what's yours? >> resurrection. >> 50 years of bond surviving
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evil. exquisitely evil. half a century of bond, his women, his villains and especially his cars. the aston martin of course. consider this. daniel craig, the current 007 was born six years after sean connery starred in the first bond film. barbara star, cnn, washington. >> pretty cool stuff. that's it for me. >> thanks so much for joining us. i'm in for brooke baldwin and the news starts right now. gunfire and a crash shut down part of the famous las vegas strip. three people were killed and three more injured in what looked like a scene from a movie. it started before dawn with a drive-by shooting not far from the most famous casinos. bally's and the bellagio.
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someone in a black range recovery sailed through the intersection and slammed into five cars including a taxy that burst into flame. the cab's driver and passenger were killed. the suv got away. >> the vehicle description is black in color and has large black rims on it and sort of a dealer plate. not a nevada dealer plate, but from a car dealer lot. >> they don't know how that shooting got started. >> a twist in the case of oscar pistorius, the olympian charged with the valentine's day murder of his girlfriend. the officer leading the investigation has been replaced. the detective was taken off the case. why? he was facing his own charges of attempted murder. he caused a stir when he admitted that he could not rule out pistorius's versions of
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events. he said he shot his girlfriend in the bathroom of his home when he mistook her for an intruder and they said the lay out of the bathroom and the bedroom conflicts with his story. pistorius is spending another night behind bars as the bail hearing enters a fourth day. listen to what his half brother said about the hearing today. >> i don't have any absolutely terrible vengeful feelings. i'm not wishing bad things on anyone else. if i were to detach myself from the situation which i suppose i can't do, under the circumstances, i would think it would be rather strange if someone who clearly did something like this were to get bail. >> joining us now from portland, oregon is ann bremer. ann, pistorius's lawyer said the case collapsed. tell us about the chief investigating officer's own
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murder changes and how this really could impact the overall case. >> i don't know if it's collapsed, but it's taken a real hit. it's a bombshell. this lead detective who was responsible for the investigation was on the stand testifying on behalf of the request for bail by the prosecution and now charged or arrested for seven counts of attempted murder. it's not like manslaughter, it's attempted murder. the message if you shoot the messenger, the message is disbelieved. that's why the lawyer for pistorius is saying this was a collapse. it under mines that. >> one of the lead attorneys did something else. that was very detailed affidavit by pistorius written of course by the attorneys. revealed publicly in your view,
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it was very clever or smart or getting ready and what is getting publicized or incriminating. >> it's too much, too soon. it's incriminating. there others to testify and what we are hearing already, even though there no contradictions, he testified in the account including the angle of the bullets and including the distance he had to go and the fact that there were screams during the shooting and he kept doing that. that was an argument for an hour before. these are all things that oscar denied. when he came out too soon, it can hurt you if the evidence doesn't bear out what you say. witnesses can and do lie, but evidence never lies. >> the legal system is very different there in south africa as is played out here. south africa doesn't use juries. if there is a trial for pistorius, what would it look
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like? >> it's going to be a bench trial. a judge with a couple of magistrates. no jury or no death penalty. when you look at the lead detective charged with murder, remember the amanda knox case, the lead detective was charged with abuse of office and convicted and sentenced during the amanda knox trial and appeal. grown that will be a parallel play in this case, but it could be. it will not be the o.j. simpson trial because of the circus atmosphere we will see with the jury, but it's the crime of the century du jour. >> really worldwide. >> exactly. as it is right now. it's just a bail hearing. >> with this hearing that continues, if no bond or if bond, how do you read either scenario? >> well, this is such a different standard on bail versus bail versus conviction or
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acquittal. if he is bound over right now, that doesn't bode well. it's a judicial determination like the trial will be. just because there may be sympathy and bombshells against the prosecution, that plays differently with the jury than with the judge. that's why we demand juries in criminal cases. there is a far greater chance of acquittal with casey anthony and o.j. simpson with juries. >> ann bremner, good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> there is a lot of danger in the heartland today on the roads. take a look. this is interstate 25 in kansas city, missouri. this was shot late this morning by ted rowlands and crew. their flight to chicago was canceled and they tried to make it right here and slow going. treacherous. st. louis right there as of this afternoon. flights in and out are few and
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far between. >> we have 82 arrivals canceled. most of those are after 1:30 to 2:00. about 20 states are affected. snow to the north and ice in the middle and heavy rain and violent storms to the south. parts of kansas are seeing a foot or more of snow with more on the way. by the way, this was shot this morning. on the storm's back end, snow covered exact eye. this was a dove mountain resort. there was a golf course in there and it was supposed to pose the world golf championship. the play was post toned
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yesterday. they teed it up sometime today. really? we will see about that. a quick look at the other top stories. roll it. in los angeles, tourists staying at the cecil hotel knew something was wrong when the water coming out of the fougauc was black. they had bathed, brushed their teeth and drank water in a tank with a young woman's body in it. police are investigating how the of eliza lamb ended up in the tank in the first place. she was last seen on surveillance right here on january 31st, behaving as if somebody might be after her looking like she is hiding. five people were killed when a corporate jet crashed while landing a small airport near augusta, georgia. the plane overshot the runway and crashed in a wooded area and the pilot and one passenger
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survived and were rushed to the hospital. it is plane was on a flight from nashville and started a brush fire that knocked out power for thousands of people living nearby. >> a quick check on the markets. the dow jones average, 13,840, down 87 points. we will have a closer look at the markets. a child in a wheelchair is left in tears at the airport. her parents tape the incident as tsa agents prepare to do a security pat-down of the little girl. that raises a question, what are your rights as a parent and the rights of people in wheelchairs at the airport? we will have that straight ahead. if mom has their way, you won't
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. . the u.s. army revoked a promotion for the former mistress of david petraeus. she is a major in the army
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reserve and had been approved by the promotion and the lieutenant colonel since the petraeus scandal under investigation for having classified information. the tsa is apologizing to a 3-year-old girl in a wheelchair. she has spina bifida and they were on their way to disneyworld when security agents said they needed to do a pat-down and swab her wheelchair. >> i don't want to do that. >> lucy sobbed and said she no longer wanted to go to disneyworld. her outraged mother shot this video with her cell phone and the security worker objected saying it was illegal to videotape the procedures. here's the apology saying they regret inaccurate guidance was provided during the screening and offers the apology. we maintain the security of the traveling public and strive to
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treat all with dignity and respect. while no pat-down was performed, we will address specific concerns with our workforce. renee is joining us live from washington. renee, what does the girl's father have to say about all this? >> fredricka, as you can imagine, this father is upset about the tsa put his throw-year-old daughter through. it was the first family vacation, but because of the tsa, the vacation got off to an awful start. this 3-year-old's mom did catch it on camera. you saw a little bit of that. we know this child is wheelchair-bound and not able to walk through the detectors herself. her dad said that tsa agents at lambert airport took away her stuffed animal and pulled the child aside saying the child needed to be patted down.
11:16 am
the family didn't know the rules about pat-downs, but this father said he felt it was unreasonable. >> if it's to the point where it's acceptable to pat-down 3-year-old girls in a wheelchair, just so everybody feels better, i don't know that that's worth it. >> i don't know wheelchair bound people expect to be treated. is that unusual what took place or is that common place? >> we had that same question. here's what they tell us. if you are an adult and in a wheelchair, it is quite possible that you will have to endure a pat-down if you are unable to walk through on your own, bhu it comes to children, they did tell us that no child under the age
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of 12 should be patted down in general. they say they have a lot of other options for parents and a pat-down for children 12 and under really is a last resort. this family didn't know the rules, but their gut feeling told them this is not right and it turns out they are right. the child was not supposed to get that pat-down because she was only 3 and you saw there the tsa is issuing an apology. >> thank you so much for bringing that to us. when it comes to the economy, does wal-mart know something the rest of us don't? the link between sales and your wallet. wiand a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth
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the world's largest retailer is sharing sales projections for the coming weeks and wal-mart expects sales in their american stores to be right where they were one year ago. a lot of people are wondering what's going on with the customers. wal-mart is considered an economic bell weather.
11:21 am
what it say about the economy? >> wal-mart is the world's biggest retailer. we look at wal-mart and the earnings reports. the most receipt one. some of the comments show that the discount shopper did pull back and was cautious from the beginning of this year. note so surprising, it makes sense because higher gas prices for one. gas prices have been higher for 35 days in a row. that cuts into how much consumers are willing to spend at wal-mart. since the end of the payroll tax holiday and that affects everybody. it hurts the typical wal-mart shopper. finally the delay in tax refund checks going out. congress was trying to decide which tax cuts to keep and which would go. that delay kept that disposable income to places like wal-mart. all of those hitting shoppers harder and that took income out of their pockets that would have gone to wal-mart.
11:22 am
fredricka? >> meantime, how is the stock market reacting? >> looking overall, wal-mart is up more than 2%. the different story with the dow down, it seems like yesterday we were talking about that elusive record for the dow. doesn't look like we will hit that today or any time soon. they started yesterday when the federal reserve indicated minutes from last month. it may be looking to pull back the stimulus that propped up the market. a weak report weighing on stocks as well as unemployment. they are up. one piece of good nows, there was a rise in home resales, but not enough to keep stocks in the green today. >> a little encouragement. we will take that. thanks so much.
11:23 am
>> david we're is a world record holder, but sanjay gupta introduces us to this remarkable athlete who exemplifies courage and determination while competing in a wheelchair. >> two olympics, six gold medals, beijing, london and a handful of world records and championship titles in six london marathon wins. david is one of the top pair limpic athletes in the world. he is also confined to a wheelchair. all of it pure upper body strength. >> i can feel lie legs, but they can't move. it's called spinal cord tran section. the doctors don't know how, when, or why. it was a disability from birth. >> he was a young boy when he decided not to let his
11:24 am
disability keep him from his dreams from being an athlete. >> it's my best subject. >> i wasn't very good at anything else. i know that i had to get this sport right if i wanted to succeed in life. i was very lucky. i was talented at an early age and the wheelchair took over my life. >> he began training at age 8. he started with the medals at age 25. >> he is also starting to give back, helping to train the pair a limpic athletes of tomorrow. >> i give them tactics and they sit in their chair. i got a lot of colleagues over the years. >> anyone dealing with disability whether they are headed for the olympics or want to stay fit, exercise is the best medicine. >> for a few hours of what happened and stuff like that f
11:25 am
it's wheelchair racing and basketball to get out, i think it's just the way of life. you have to say it's another process. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, london. >> be sure to watch sanjay gupta 4:30 p.m. eastern time. >> two young girls forced to fight on camera. the shocking video has now gone viral and now police want to track down the people responsible. we will show you the video after this. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats.
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>> in a few hours, the star
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studded memorial service for jerry buss will begin. some laker greats will speak at the service and he owned the lakers for more than three decades and won ten championships. they honored him with an emotional tribute and a win over the celtics. he died monday at 80 years old. >> kids no more than years old egged on to fight teens and maybe each adults. the police are trying to track down several women. they are heard on the news cheering on a fight between two little girls. the video may be difficult to watch. >> just slap her! >> it's unclear whether it's a baby-sitter or teen sibling or adult saying slap her. i want to bring in the outrage of the day.
11:30 am
bad supervision or something at the worst here. we are having it closer and finding out who the voices are. this is nothing short of a smack down fight club. it rises to the level of abuse or childhood endangerment. that's what they are investigating. that's what's going on and who was involved. they had a recording posted online and was it a baby-sitter or older sibling or a parent who is manipulating and getting the girl are who are likely no more than than five or seven. they think this is a play fight. look at that.
11:31 am
>> one of the adults say you weren't play fighting now. that's the whole change. the child in white is told he slaps the other girl and grab grabs the hair. clearly in pain and visibly shocked. >> the special victims unit is investigating to see whether these were teens and you have tow figure out where it took place. >> we are saying this video was posted anonymously and they are trying to find out who posted this or was it a passerby and one of the voices and one of the women was egging on the kids and videotaped this and posted it. >> it wasn't even just one person who was videotaping it. you can see two people
11:32 am
videotaping this. they just don't know. there were no formal complaints. it is potential abuse. >> it's terrible. upsetting to even watch it. >> thanks. >> up next, our daily hot topic debate and a new ad supporting same-sex marriage. several republicans now one wants out of the ad. find out why. plus, coming out, one looks to require commenders to reveal the full identities and the nfl makes way for women in a different way. it will be revealed next. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers.
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>> for the next 20 minutes, we will have the stories of the day starting with a new ad supporting same-sex marriage. prominent republicans including former first lady laura bush. >> none of us would want to be told we can't marry the person we love. the growing majority believe it's time to allow marriage for gay and lesbian couples. >> they ought to have the same rights that everyone has. former secretary of state colin powell, laura bush not happy about her a parns. she wants the group behind the ad to remove her and the group has done so. they have changed the ads, taken her out and anyway, about the
11:37 am
power that one has to be included or excluded from an ad, especially when they are a person on the public stage. it comes as the u.s. supreme court prepares to tackle same-sex marriage this spring. let's bring in the panel. the editorial project director, good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> lloyd webr, good to see you too. jacob, host of huff post live. the author and psychologist, this is interesting. this group acted fast to take laura bush out of the ad, but let's talk about how one, especially on the public stage is able to say take me out of it after your comments have been broadcast and made public. do you still have the power of
11:38 am
how the image is being used? >> especially if you are the former first lady of the united states. about to make a judgment on the issue. laura bush is on the right side of history and any number of conservatives came out with the editorial and david cameron will serve to the prime minister, because he is conservative, yes, she got her rights. >> i wonder, once you are a public person, don't you abandon a certain sense of your privacy? it doesn't mean that part of your image or comments become public property. >> it should be something that ak wiesses, even though it's the first lady. >> that's the decision for them, but if you are a public figure, you have to choose your words carefully. her wanting to be removed from
11:39 am
the ad is not because they don't stand by the position, but she wants to be more deliberate. they wanted to have more power with the affiliation. >> both republicans, supporting same-sex marriage. is this a platform in which the party is trying very hard to reform itself. they might want to embrace. >> fredricka, any time dick cheney is more progressive, that's a big problem for the republican party. as she was very much limited in what the republicans need right now for moderate women, the fact that she was on "larry king live" passionately and pathetically speaking about marriage equality, colin powell and the world, that's not a good look. >> in your view, laura bush needs to explain herself?
11:40 am
>> that's, this is on the right side. it's funny and strange that she didn't want to be in the ad expecting. >> maybe she changed her point of view? >> i don't think so. i suppose. she was outspoken. i give them props for that. this is confusing to me. >> there is more. up next, could it be the end of anonymity. we take on the proposal to out all websites commenters.
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11:43 am
>> this next story i will make the trolls and spammers of the
11:44 am
internet shake in fear. is proposing a bill that will require website commenters to reveal their full identities. illinois state senator silverstein introduced the internet removal act that has a website administrator shall remove comments posted on his or her website by a poster unless the poster agrees to attach his or her name and confirms that his or her ip address and legal name are accurate. let's bring back the panel. it is in your view. is it a good idea or a bad idea. >> every single day, people comment making pseudohim ins anonymously. the foundation that has done an incredible job protecting our
11:45 am
freedoms, whether it's on paper and whether it's near them, and the legislator people and they can't post online. people will say disgusting things. it's okay to comment anonymously. >> you see it as a first amendment right. you saw the problems and here's as a psychology a thing that would concern me. so many people get so much support and so much help and so much information because they are able to feel safe and free because they are anonymous. that's terrifying. >> it's empowering for people to get a lot of information. >> patrick? >> i call it the curse the
11:46 am
catfish now that it's shown what the people look like. i think that makes people want to remain more anonymous than they are. a write a column and i get a lot of nasty comments. >> they are trying to limit talk? >> hate talk. mean stuff. >> the hateful stuff using their real name. >> i think it's a pun. the dark side of the internet. at the end of the day, this is america. americans are very protective. they are allegedly going to be going off the spy patrols and elections. $3 million against them.
11:47 am
that's a very unamerican thing to do. >> very good. so half full. >> also just the idea that there needs to be consequences for the kinds of things that in real white they have bullying. there needs to be consequences. >> everybody knows who you are, how and why will you suffer the consequences? >> exactly. >> there was the hbo show true blood. there was vicious attacks on the african-americans on the show. also with the hunger games, there were vicious attacks on the african-american who was a part of the film. many people wrote about the hateful comments on the other sites.
11:48 am
>> jacob, you think your material especially on your show would be different. maybe it would be too sanitized if it would be the restriction imposed. the vail of secrecy that i suppose you are saying that allows people to speak their mind or be creative about their thoughts. >> it gives a lot of people the confidence to speak out on something they wouldn't normally speak out on on the program. if we made everybody use their real names, they have a community that was as vibrant. they like the protection of being able to do it without their real name. >> most people are good and most comments are not hateful and terrible. i think it would be a bad idea
11:49 am
to limit that. >> we hear good stuff all the time. is that what you are saying? >> most of the stuff is not so terrible. >> okay, guys. up next for the panel, buckle up. will history be made in the nfl. a woman is part of the team or a team. we will hear from her, next. hey. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four monkey? a baboon? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed to escape the ordinary. it feels like it can escape gravity.
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>> a woman with a chance to play in the nfl. lauren silverman is set to be a kicker in new jersey. in doing so, she will be the first ever to compete and when she does well enough, she has a chance to move on to a super rouge yonnal in april and perform for nfl scouts and staff. no real football experience did speak to the nfl network about the odds of making a team. panch pan. >> i realize it may not be this year, but i have my technique that will be in attendance.
11:53 am
it will be from now to the tryouts. i am starting to nail the 60s. >> the what? >> the second yarders. >> so is everybody okay with this? history being made. a woman going out for the nfl. certainly it would make history. women on board with this? >> i don't know that this is something for the first time. i find that interesting and i think it's great. i'm so grateful whoever that expert person interviewing her was, didn't know what 60 meant either. i had no idea what the heck they were talking about. >> how do you see this? >> i have no idea about this nfl thing either. i am a feminist and i still cry when i see that. from daytona and they were doing that thing last week.
11:54 am
i think this belies common sense. with president obama going out there saying he wouldn't let a son play in the nfl, i'm not sure. >> you see that there is a lot at stake here. >> exactly. >> all right, guys. as the dudes on the panel here, football is associated with aggression and the manly man thing and the locker room talk and all that, you see women fitting in. >> i'm stunned that the nfl has not done anything about it. a lot of money to be made off of this kicker. >> jacob, is it an issue of opening the gates and the women can go after the nfl or is it an issue of really being an outstanding female athlete? she hasn't played football and soccer, but being an outstanding
11:55 am
female athlete and being able to play with the guys. >> great that the nfl opened this opportunity for women to try it. first of all, she is probably a far better football player than i will ever be. it's because of the fact that i am a guy, i will have a chance to play the rules to get into a tryout. it's inspiring. realistically, who knows. we will see from my sisters around the country, they want to be active in sports. >> you see this opening of the floodgates that is inspiring and a lot of young girls or changing the views of many people? >> i think it's cool. i don't know about trying out for football, but it goes a certain distance. it's not about gender. it's about performance and the same thing we are talking about
11:56 am
with women in combat. it's not about your reproductive system, but what you can do. i'm in an all women's book club and we have husbands who know how to read books, and i like my book club to stay. >> and patrick? >> it's great about being the most athletic person to come out of mit. >> patrick and paula, webber and jacob. thanks so much all of you for joining us on this one. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, the gloves are off in the jodi arias trial. the woman accused in the death of her boyfriend is on the stand today. arias on her journal entries on the case.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
>>. >> welcome become. this is a pretty brutal winter triple threat under way. the explanation on all of this. >> here's the triple threat. very heavy snowfall. we can deal with it. it doesn't help if you are trying to get on the roads or the airplanes, but if you are watching out as far as the interstates go and driving, that is where the big hazard has been. in northern sections accident back in 2009, they had a major ice storm. it broke trees. it also weakened them. it's just enough to tip them over. this is a water they were e vapor in here. what does that mean? we are not seeing the wrap around as far as that moisture is concerned. if we saw that, we might see heavier snowfall and thunderstorm problems.
12:01 pm
we could see a snowfall. the computer models are hedging between 12 and 18 inches around this central missouri region. that's the area that will be the bull's-eye. >> thanks so much, karen. >> the hunt is on for the black suv involved in a shooting and fiery crash that shut down part of the las vegas strip. it happened outside some of the most famous casinos. it looked like a scene from a movie, but it was real. three people were dead. three more injured. miguel marquez is on the scene near caesar palace and the bellagio. what are people piecing together here? >> they are having a hard time
12:02 pm
piecing anything together because it's bizarre. it's a surreal scene from the flamingo. the vegas strip that would be bustling with cars, the bellagio fountains are still going, but all of it is shut down. caesar's palace all the way up to bellagio. the cars are still in the middle of the road and they have this section shut off until probably dusk tonight as they investigate this. they hope to have video evidence from what happened last night, but the way they believe it played out was this black range recovery with dealer plates shot into the driver's size of a maserati through the intersection and the maserati hit a taxi cap. you can't tell it is right now and it burst into flame and the two people were trapped. they died as well as the passenger. a shocking scene here in the
12:03 pm
city that is very, very tough. >> have they identified any of these victims? >> they have not identified the victims and the shooters. that's the big question in all of this. the range recovery fled the scene and they are warning people that they are armed and dangerous and the range recovery in las vegas are about a dime a dozen here. a lot of those cars did have the dealer plates on them. they are after that and hoping that the video evidence and the taped area of the area, they are hoping that has evidence and offers up more clues and they are holing and we hope to have a briefing in the next couple of hours. >> thanks so much from las vegas and lots of surveillance all over the strip there. likely some information will be coming back.
12:04 pm
keep us posted. here are some of the day's pop stories we are following for you. new twists in the case of olympic runner oscar pistorius. he is charged with the murder of his model girlfriend in south africa and police reviewed the lead investigator after it was revealed that he was facing his own charges of attempted murder. >> i am a team to take it. they are in the team and that's not part of the team. >> the meantime, nike suspended the contract with pistorius known as the blade runner. the company previously marketed him as the bullet in the chamber. the u.s. army revoked a promotion for paula broad well well, the mistress of general petraeus. she is a major in the army reserve and had been approved to
12:05 pm
the lieutenant colonel since the scandal broke. she has been under investigation for having classified information in her home without permission. the united nations inspector said iran has begun investigating and had the advanced cent funls and celebrate the enrichment process. >> we are obviously concerned that iran continues to have obligations and haunt enrichment activities and taking teps to expand the capacity. it already has enough uranium to fuel the research reactor for at least a decade. the recent actions allow it to increase stockpiles well beyond the civilian youth. >> this scene is a defiant step a week out from the nuclear talks with the world leaders.
12:06 pm
the u.s. supreme court upheld the 30-day stay of execution for the georgia inmate. the officials asked the high court to lift the stay granded an hour over he was to be executed. three doctors who recently examined hill said he is mentally retarded. his lawyers say his life should be spared under a federal ban on the execution of mentally disabled people. hill was sentenced for killing another inmate in a georgia state prison in 1990. increasingly vocal avert of two big shotguns has just taken aim at the gun lobby. within the past hour, vice president joe biden list loose on the arguments against gun control. he was miles from newtown, connecticut, the scene of that massacre at sandy hook school. joe is watching all this from washington. joe, what did the vice president say? >> the vice president went back to connecticut and back to some
12:07 pm
of the gun control themes he was promoting and one of those themes was about the need for politicians to do something. listen. >> the assumption that american politics that this is kind of the third rail of politics. if you take this, there will be a severe price to pay for doing that. that's what's happening in the past. people say and you write about the political risks and unacceptable take. i say it's unacceptable not to take these. it's simply unacceptable. >> what is it that the conferences will settle on and a member of congresses that people like stewart rothen berg. is it some kind of expansion for
12:08 pm
background checks that will squeak through the congress. they see that as a slippery slope. they are opposed from the national rifle association. they said yes, they support gun control. even a modest change could get a challenge. >> it doesn't seem like biden is stepping out of the obama administration's gun owner in chief. is it a different strategy? >> absolutely. he told the audience that they are not being taken into role. the political action committee organizing wanted to push to rally member who is might be on the fence and sway public opinion on the local level. thanks. let's talk the nasty weather out there. kansas and missouri, i-29 look
12:09 pm
at the snow with the traffic. ted rowland and crew were caught in the mess right there. the flight to chicago was canceled and they are trying to make the trip by car. you can see this is happening on their journey. it's slow going in kansas and other parts of the region as well. ted rowland is with us now. explain the conditions for us. >> we are stuck on the i-35 south in kansas city and actually dropped off in terms of how hard it's coming down. the last 45 minutes or so. they are stuck in the same spot for about 45 minutes. earlier they were stuck for about an hour and a half on the 29 south.
12:10 pm
they are taking two underground and there cars everywhere on the freeway. in and around kansas city and people are stranded and some people have been stranded four hours waiting for help. they are coaching other people's cars and helping them to get out. >> that's what i was wondering for a lot of people getting out of their cars and trying to walk and hitch a ride on the opposite side of traffic. you look at the images, that's i-29 that you shot earlier. on one side of the highway it looked like it was free flowing. it looked bumper to bumper. >> people are calling their family and looked at moving their car. they were near it and it will be a huge clean up. that's for a while because all
12:11 pm
the freeways here are in the same thing. >> very uncomfortable, but really potentially very dangerous conditions as well. keep us posted and be safe. take a look. they are the new google glasses. google cofounder right there. the glasses are kind of like reality. we are talking really high tech here and how you might be able to get here and why you would want to. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
12:12 pm
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12:14 pm
covered by most insurance plans, including medicare. find your co-pay cost at ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen today you can tryout google's high tech specks long before it actually debuts in the stores. they are opening up the testing and the contest. here's the catch. you have to submit a witty application and named like house speaker newt gingrich are tweeting to rin. they have the glasses taken.
12:15 pm
if i had glass, i could get piers morgan. let's bring in the sports tech contributor who is always sporting fashionable frames herself. i can see you sporting the glasses. >> we are one step closer and if you recall, the first time we saw that and now yesterday have new photos and video and everybody on the internet buzzing. there is no lenses inside there. there is a microdisplay that you can see through. there is a camera on the side. the functionality and the
12:16 pm
capability behind was phenomenal. you can take photos and videos by talking. you can share that on social networks and get naps and networks. to me, it can be a translator by wearing them. imagine traveling and having a translator. >> we are looking at the point of view right now. >> what you see is your point. >> exact low. it's connected via wi-fi and the smart phone. they unveiled five different colors. design is important when it comes to consumers. we will see what they come up with. >> more distraction for us. except that there is no lens and no glasses. not like they are watching videotape lick a movie. this is an issue of videotaping what you see. >> correct. tar are take photos and videos.
12:17 pm
remember with 3d glasses, people were not excited to put those on. they were big and functiony. imagine wearing these. people want functionality and cool designs. >> do you think it would be cool to have that? what's the matter with the go pro and having the camera mounted on your hat? your helmet and different perspective. this would get a lot of people staring at you. >> that's the individuals to be early testers of google blast and submit a 50-word application. if you can, we will show you i few requirements and guidelines. include a few photos and video. you have to have the hash tag,
12:18 pm
if i had glass, 50 words or less. it's going to cost. >> you are paying, you. the $1500 to win. >> that's the hard core. >> make it happen. thanks a lot. >> thanks. >> talk about a court case under way. jodi arias accused of murdering her boyfriend and took to the stand and it was pretty explosive. >> you can tell us, for example, what type of sex you had with mr. alexander many years ago, but you are having trouble telling us what you said a couple of days ago? >> oh, boy. pretty graphic.
12:19 pm
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12:22 pm
alexander in self defense. but she said he doesn't remember stabbing him 27 times. juan martinez hammered away at arias concerning her claim that alexander the boyfriend broke her finger and kicked her in the ribs. martinez questioned why she never wrote about it in her journal. listen to martinez grill arias. >> in your journal it was meant to be private, right? >> yes. >> that's what it said. i guess it's a good thing nobody else reads this. i write that i love travis victor alexander so completely i don't know any other way to be. >> yes. >> the reason why you confronted mr. alexander was not because he owed you an explanation. the reason you confronted him in august of 2007 was because you were in love with him and didn't want to let him go, right?
12:23 pm
>> objection. >> that's not right. but i was in love with him. >> is there any other intervening date between january 20th of 2008 where we started and the very end where you put ja. is there any other date? >> that they -- >> yes or no. take a look at the first page. it starts sunday january 20, 2008, doesn't it? >> i guess. >> defense attorney joey jackson is on the case. how do you think this line of questioning is working for the prosecution? seems aggressive, but seems awfully cool and unshaken. >> he's going to make a lot of progress. this is a person, the defendant who has so many memories of everything. remembers every detail and yesterday when she was testifying, she lapses on the
12:24 pm
memory as it relates to the murder. what he is doing now is impeachment. what does it mean? it means i am going to show that you are lying and misrepresenting the truth. all of a sudden you mentioned that he broke your finger and you mentioned all these things. he was involved with little boys? you have a journal where you can document and report things. nobody else will see it but you and there is nothing in there about it. what does that tell you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury? that's what he issing us. >> the story about the finger, trying to underscore that there have been inconsistencies and her story has changed. is this an effective approach to convince the jurors that she is say liar and not telling the truth? >> he has a reputation of being a pit bull. some of ussure calmer and more an vated. he's a pit bull. that's his approach. with regard to the finger, the pictures was irrelevant.
12:25 pm
she held it up and this happened because he a tooked and kicked me. the picture after that, her photo in that picture and finger looked just fine. you figure it out. did she lie about him breaking her finger when she showed you? you see a picture of a congress after that event and nothing seems to be wrong it. all those inconsistencies and the cross examination for the jury to see. >> what's potentially next? >> if it ever ends, they will continue the cross-examination. so many things he left to cross examine her on. she made many inconsistencies and first she was there and then she was. now it's self defense. she represented about people she has known and the representing she had. after this, you will have expert
12:26 pm
witnesses from the defense explaining her lapse of memory. they will say i would suspect that she doesn't have memories of the event. she has post traumatic stress disorder. it was so psychologically damaging, it's a matter of being difficult. it's normal not to have memories. you can suspect and know that the state and the rebuttal case will come in to say no, believe us, not them. it's left to common sense. what do you think, ladies and gentlemen? who is telling the truth. them or us? not her. >> some folks are very riveting. thank you. >> a new study said up to 1/3 of all the fish you buy is not what you think it is. being labeled and sold as the good stuff. they are calling it fish fraud.
12:27 pm
what to lock out for.
12:28 pm
12:29 pm
12:30 pm
a bizarre twist in the case of oscar pistorius. >> the officer who was leading the investigation is now taken off the case. he is facing his own charges of attempted murder. no decision was reached on whether he will be released on bail. they told vnn about the woman he is accused of murdering. >> reva was exceptional. i heard in the media what an amazing person she was, but she really was. from an early age, there was something magical about her. she had a kind soul. doesn't matter if you were 20 years old or or younger than
12:31 pm
her, she was looking after you. >> they have been following the case and join us from johansburg and join the the investigator off the case and said the evidence lined up with the version of events. his credibility is on the line. now what? >> i think what the south african has done is removed him from the case. as you say, yesterday they represented quite a week and arguments have been happy with them. they contradicted what they were saying today. of course we hear that he has been charged with trying to murder some people and shooting at them. what this means now is after a week, the south african government puts their best team. the most senior detective is leading the case.
12:32 pm
why wasn't this done too? >> then reports that pistorius has been sleeping on the floor of his cell because there no beds. what do they know about the conditions he is subjected to? >> we know he has been held in a police cell. he is not in the main jail. that will come if he doesn't get bail. he was in a cell and we are unaware of having to share it, but this is a violent society and criminals are getting processed. there times when he might be sharing with other people. there times that he is not cleeping on a bed and he has a mattress. he was not sleeping well. understandably. he has been given some assistance.
12:33 pm
he was far more switched off in a way and talks about it. we will talk about how he is physically distraught. today he sat rock still. i was in the court and he payroll moved. he does look like. >> instead that happens more than you think apparently. check out the figure and the samples from hundreds of stores and eateries in all two dozen. this is quite startling.
12:34 pm
having this discovery is very startling. they went to about 14 cities and tested seafood from sushi bars and restaurants. we sent it off to have it analyzed to identify the identity of the fish and of the 1200 samples, about 1/3 were mislabeled. it's shocking. >> intentionally mislabeled? >> that's what we guessed. a lot of times it was legszer expensive and less desirable fish swapped out with something more popular. >> one of the most commonly mislabeled fish? >> we found snapper is the most commonly mislabeled. in fact we bought 120 fish labeled red snapper. of that 120, only 7 fish across the country was actually a red snapper. >> as a consumer, is it that
12:35 pm
very few of us can draw a distinction between the taste of these different fish and so restaurants or -- is it restaurants or distributors? who is to blame for mislabeling being deceitful to consumers? >> the seafood supply chain, we don't track and it's hard to where it occurred. we do know it happened. it's happening somewhere. whether it's from the boat to your plate. we think that these happened to trace the fish from boat to plate. the end consumer can find out more. >> what can we do as a consumer and someone who purchases the fish whether it be at the fish market or the grocery store or the restaurant? how do you sdwhearn you order is what you are going to get.
12:36 pm
>> ask restaurants more about the fish. also buy the whole fish. the more hands that pass through, the more opportunities for fraud. next, if the price is too good to be true t probably is. there programs that sell traceable seafood. look out as it tells you more about the story of the fish you are purchasing. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> lady go-go. she had to can teleher shows due it a problem with her hip. last night she tweeted that she was actually going in for surgery. we will have the latest for you on the progress coming up.
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
>> apple sold more than 300 million iphone since they produced them back in 2007.
12:40 pm
this may be less familiar. even so, google's android system has been crushing the iphone. 160 million of them last quarter. apple just shipped 48 million. phones that operate on the operating system. google is winning the war as well. in the last year, the stock price is up around 30%. that's the bring on. apple is down more than 10%. we want to bring in my good friend for a little q&a. as broadly as you like, google or apple. give me 60 seconds on the clock. apple is bumping into unrealistic expectations that couldn't continue forever. they are showing us the next big
12:41 pm
thing before we even knew we wanted it and making buckets of money on it. it's ancient history, but in the 90s, you will remember. i wasn't born yet. they left apple for sdd. the company brought us all sorts of things we didn't know we needed. the ipod and itunes. history shows that all of it will probably take -- it will gain speed and come up with one new product. it's the apple wrist watch that will turn the doubters into believers. apple is reaching out to budget consumers with products like the ipad mini. that sets it up for growth in places like china. meanwhile google is following apple in the innovation department. you tube and the money all comes from ads. i'm not sure how sustainable that is, richard. >> it's the entire objective
12:42 pm
that was to list the products, we are all much better informed. we are here to talk about the share price. you have to remember a share price is the reflection of the company not only the earnings, but investor beliefs for future growth. here it's all on the downside for apple. apple has a stench about it. nobody can say what or why, but there is a feeling that there is something nasty at the back of the fridge that needs to be emptied out. google on the other hand that doesn't have the same fierce competition that says apple has from android, they have competitors, but it's the industry standard. it still has many core markets that it is holding on to tighter than apple in its own domain. the share price i repeat is a reflection of earnings and
12:43 pm
investor sentiment. if you look at that share price, it's not surprising that they are going in opposite directions. >> $800 a share for the first time. and analysts suggested it could hit 1,000. remember markets are not like a swiss lock. they overshoot one way and then the other. so look for speculation and bubbles. >> you should look and that advice spreads to the broader market as well. always a pleasure to see you. my belt is write nice, isn't it? >> from the cnn studio in new york, that's it for me. same time tomorrow. n my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plustheir live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning
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12:46 pm
>> perhaps her hip was torn this way. gaga had surgery to repair her hip. she is forced to cancel her born this way ball tour announcing she was suffering from inflammation of the joints. they revealed she had a tear in her right hip. she tweeted this to fans going in for surgery. thank you so much for sending me
12:47 pm
love and support. i will be dreaming of you. the reports indicate the tour could cost more than $30 million. donald trump's twitter account has been hacked. the tweet complete with a misspelling of a sensitive term for women occurred. the real trump said my twitter has been seriously hacked and we are looking for the perpetrators. twitter will be irrelevant if low lives can so easily hack into the accounts. that's fewer than burger sing or jeep. those have been hit this week. ben affleck knows how to make a stunning come back. argo, the film is in the oscar race for best picture. it's a long way from his days when affleck was much for films he made with then fiance jennifer lopez.
12:48 pm
he talked about his journey with official turner. >> i am thrilled. i never thought i would get to this point. i'm not clear at this point. >> what a trip it's been. they took home screen oscars for good will hunting. he became know wo of hollywood's young stars. there was a series of flubs. both costarring jennifer lopez to which he was once engaged. hay had headlines that ended in 2004. >> i had some stuff work and some didn't. they became overhex posed and causing me to do this industry. >> what you did was become a director starting with "gone baby gone" followed by one of the best films of 2010. the coproducer credits the move
12:49 pm
from behind the camera. har are he was in actionor jail for a couple of years. we have all done it. >> that brings us to argo. highly regarded as ben's best project. it has been a box office success and was an early contender into awards season. then last month came the snub heard around hollywood when affleck was not nominated by best director. despite argo getting the best picture nod. that has not hurt him. quite the opposite actually. the goeld lden glebs. the best picture. whether he will once again be the toast of the oscars remains to be seen, but according to matt damon, a lot has changed. >> when they first saw you, you were these kids about town in hollywood.
12:50 pm
>> they feel that yesterday we are both married and have these beautiful children and lived a lot of life. >> ben affleck sunday night. how argo is at the oscars. big bird is back in a big way. he is 6 feet tall and covers and teaming up with the first lady to launch a new edition. we will tell you what michelle obama and big bird are looking at next. so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!!
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laura bush, the former first lady, is asking a group that supports gay marriage to drop her from an ad that is getting a lot of attention. if you haven't seen it, here's a quick look. >> we've been told we can't marry the person we love. that's why a growing majority of americans believe it's time. >> when couples committed, they ought to have, i think, the same sort of rights that everyone has. >> laura bush, colin powell, dick cheney -- you'll see dick cheney as well, all three appears in the ad by the respect for marriage coalition. but now, as we said, laura bush want out. our shannon travis is in washington. she got her way but do we know why she wanted out? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, the former first lady is responding to this 2010 appearance on larry king being in this ad. it's not exactly clear why she
12:54 pm
doesn't want to be in it but we got a statement from her spokesman saying that she doesn't. i'm going to read it to you. mrs. bush did not approve of her inclusion in this advertisement nor is she associated in any way with the group that made the ad. when she became aware of the advertisement tuesday night, we requested that the group remove her from it. again, that's a statement from laura bush's spokeswoman. the group itself, the respect for marriage coalition, has since responded to mrs. bush. let's read a statement from them. we used public comments for this ad from american leaders who have expressed support for civil marriage. we appreciate mrs. bush's previous comments but are sorry she didn't want to be included in the ad. the ad launched a public campaign that will now move to new and different voices that reflect the depth and breadth of that statement. mrs. bush, we're sorry for including you in this ad and number two that they are moving on from this ad.
12:55 pm
we've learned that they will stop airing this ad tomorrow and will replace it with another ad that advocates same sex marriage. >> now let's move to another ad starring the first lady. >> no matter your age, it's important to move every day to help keep you healthy. >> mrs. obama, i'm getting moving right now by jogging. >> so what's the story here, travis? >> surprise, surprise, just when we thought big bird was fried, big bird is back. two public service announcements by michelle obama encouraging kids to be healthy. you'll remember last year during the presidential campaign and the first debate in october with president obama and mitt romney, mitt romney said if easy elected, big bird is out. that became a flash point in the campaign. a little back and forth.
12:56 pm
now we're seeing the big bird back in the ad. >> i'm sorry. i called you by your first name. i'm sure that happens all the time. >> no problem. a man in colorado goes for the last snowboard run of the day. an avalanche occurred but he survived. yep. yep. ok. sure. why not? woah. touchscreens. put that in your dash. now, luxury stuff. make your seats like that. that thing has wifi, why doesn't your car? you can't do that. ignore that guy. give it wifi. yes! make it fit 5 people. no, 5 actual sized people. give them leg room, good. destroy boring car interiors forever. and that's how you do it. easy. ♪
12:57 pm
humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, we understand. that's why our auto policies come with accident forgiveness if you qualify, where your rates won't go up due to your first accident, and new car replacement, where, if you total your new car, we give you the money for a new one. call... to talk to an insurance expert about everything else that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, your repairs are guaranteed for life. call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. ♪ born to make mistakes liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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12:59 pm
all right. drivers have to go 45 miles out of their way to get around a road collapse in northern arizona. 150-foot chunk of u.s. highway 89 suddenly collapsed and buckled yesterday. the collapse caused a few minor incidents. geological engineers are on the scene to try to figure out what caused the road to fail. no word on how long the highway will be closed. and then soon you can taste wine that was made under water. in the ocean. an american winery is experimenting with age testing in the ocean near charleston, south carolina. divers sank 48 bottles of wine to the bottom of the charleston harbor and in three months the case will be pulled back to shore and tested to see how the marine experiment faired. all right. 15 people, including kids, were swept up in an avalanche in

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